It’s a sad day when a Berlinerin has to go to Dresden for currywurst. I have to admit this spicy sausage snack was one of the things I missed most when I went vegetarian (I never said I was a classy eater). As far as I can remember I’ve never come across a good veggie substitute in Berlin. It’s much easier to be a vegetarian hankering after cheap n nasty meat-like food items in Dresden, which boasts not one but two slick and central vegan currywurst joints.

Strictly speaking the Curry und Co places aren’t vegan restaurants, since they sell pork and beef sausages as well. This means you can bring meat-loving tofu-fearing friends there and keep social ostracisation to a minimum.

The shop offers everything a discerning currywurst connoisseur could ask for: a choice of two different levels of spiciness, traditional mini plastic fork and holes in the tables for stabilising your cone of chips. They also have some items on the menu that a purist might find upsetting:

  • you can order a ‘first class menu’, whereby your currywurst is accompanied by a glass of champagne. This is equivalent to putting a skank in an expensive frock – she invariably remains a skank. Currywurst is on the filthy end of the snack spectrum, and that’s where it should stay. Let’s not pretend this is haute cuisine.
  • should you still have room for more, you can order dessert – how about a nice curry and mango ice cream?

    no, thanks

After gorging on curried tofu at Schillerplatz it was time to retreat to the Dresden vineyards and cleanse body and soul. This was achieved by observing a battle of wits between a ladybird and a bunch of grapes:

The End